Curbside Classic: 1948 Pontiac – The Fastback of Notre Dame?

1948 Pontiac, rear

Have you ever seen such a fine old Pontiac napping in the sun?

1948 Pontiac nose

Go on, then, put up a sturdy argument against this nose. I dare you.

1948 Pontiac hoodside

I double-dare you.

1948 Pontiac RR34

Stocky presence by dint of graceful proportion, line, and curve.

1948 Pontiac RHS

Yup, this angle works, too.

1948 Pontiac backglass with wiper

Weren’t we just discussing olde-tyme backglass wipers? I don’t guess they worked too well, with vacuum “power” supplied by many feet of hose, but still.

Really, I like this better than the ’47 Chev the other day. That one seemed to be trying a bit too hard, singing a bit too loudly. This one doesn’t have to.

1948 Pontiac taillight w/Stimsonite

There are two names on the taillight lens; Guide were GM’s in-house lamps and lights operation. Stimsonite were early heavy hitters in retro-reflectors.

1948 Pontiac, Window

This looks like a fun place to spend time. Not out on the highway at 100 km/h, but on a scenic country road at maybe 75 or 80. Windows down. Sun shining. Radio off, thanks; I’ll listen to the machine, though I might make an exception for Benny Goodman doing “Stealin’ Apples”: