CC Capsule: 1976 Pontiac LeMans – A Liberal Heap of Liberal


(first posted 6/22/2015)     There’s an election coming up in Canada on October 19, 2015. Unlike some other parts of North America, “Liberal” is not the other “L” word. In fact, one of our national political parties is called the Liberal party.

The venerable GM Colonnade that is the subject of this Curbside Classic has a lot in common with today’s Canadian Liberal party. It has seen better days, but it still lives on wearing a graceful patina.


The time when it ruled and could be found on almost every street and pink house across the country has passed, but it lives on with a slight glimmer in its rectangular quad headlamps. Don’t count it out… quite yet.


Those hockey-puckish rubber bumperettes standing guard for thee on chrome in defense of a 5 MPH crash tell the story: Remember when we shone? Remember when that reporter asked prime minister Trudeau what he would do to fight the terrorists and he said “Just watch me”? Bring it on, 6 MPH collision!


Hiding under the hood is a (Chevy) 350 ci V8 with 2 barrel carburetor.


The engine and air intake is stock. Ready for another 40 years, just like the “Grits”.


Jump in… let’s hop on the aftermarket (ca. 1982) driver’s side seat cushion and hit the hustings!

Before we turn ‘er over…



Let’s turn the key back to “Accessory”…


…and see what’s playing on that cassette tape?


72,542 original MILES on the odometer. See those small blue numbers on the inside the speedometer gauge ring? Ki-little-ometers, situated in their proper place. Just like Canada’s blue-coloured party was in ’76.


Colonnade designers gazed upon their crystal balls to see into the future, and made the trunk opening large enough to accept a new millennium recycle bin with plenty of room to spare.


The car is a Veteran. Its current owner is one, too.


On this warm June day, the LeMans has volunteered to join the campaign to elect Mike Bossio as the Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) for a riding in Eastern Ontario.


Mike puts his arm around his elder statesman team member, still going the distance four decades later.


(Editor’s Postscript: Just a reminder that “talking about politics” is not the same as “talking politics”, so please let’s not slide into any political provocations/arguments in the comments. Thanks)