CC For Sale: 1964 Cadillac Sixty-two Series –A Little Too Much Rouge on the Old Girl

1964 Cadillac front 3_4

This showed up last Sunday a few miles from my home – a car that I seriously lusted after, during my pre-teen years in a family that never could have afforded such wanton extravagance (in ’64 we were motoring in a tired 1957 Oldsmobile station wagon). Asking price was $15.5K with 43,000 original miles. Assuming I was flush with the dough, would I consider pulling the trigger?

Well, I’d say ”no”. Yes, she’s straight and clean; on the other hand there seems to be something a little funky going on with the suspension, the exhaust is hanging rather low and the gangsta window tint isn’t my style. These things probably wouldn’t take much to fix, though.

1964 Cadillac left side

No, my main problem is with that color. Jeepers, this has to be one of the more egregious slatherings of ‘resale red’ I’ve ever seen.

1964_Cadillac_Prestige-11-12 1000

You see, although I ‘ve never ridden in, much less driven, one of these cars, I’ve been carrying around a mental image of my dream ’64 Caddy for decades, and that image comes in metallic light blue, turquoise or green, not this – well, whatever this is. It may actually be a factory color (Matador Red?) and it probably looks pretty good on a wet, dark night under mercury-vapor streetlamps, but in daylight, it’s a bit over the top. So, sadly, I must drive on. Hey, no matter – couldn’t afford it then, couldn’t afford it now.

1964 Cadillac front

Postscript: not two days later, it was gone, so what do I know?

Lawrence Jones’ fine argument for the ’63-‘64s as greatest post-war Cadillacs can be found here.