My Ex-Curbside Classic: 1964 Mercury Marauder – Hello, Old Friend

When I met my wife she drove a muscle car.  Specifically this 1964 Mercury Marauder.  It looked for all the world like a dolled up version of  the car Parnelli Jones used to win the 1963 Pikes Peak race.  We ran all over east Texas in that car.  A combination of leaky steering hydraulics and her being able to drive my Lincoln Town Car wound up with it getting parked.  One thing and another and in time it wouldn’t run.

You would think that after 20 years of teaching in the public school system that I would be able to pick out a kid telling an untruth from a mile away.  My wife and I have 22 grandkids and great grandkids.  That’s another reason for being able to recognize something that smells like diapers.  So along comes this kid playing on our feelings by telling us about his new baby and how he wanted to build the Marauder that was in our yard.  We took his story and his cash and the car went away.

This picture is of the Mercury in my yard during the cluttered period when I was still teaching and the class was going to build a reverse trike. Just wanted to show the car in the yard no matter how bad the yard. I’m a natural slob but things did improve. The trike was built and although it made a fine workbench the Mercury is gone.  If it was still here I wouldn’t be writing this.

Near my home is a lot that specializes in selling classic cars.  Not parts, just cars. I have yet to see anything there that I thought would run.  One day I was headed someplace and was startled to see a familiar shape sitting inside the gate to said yard.

The kid is a free lancer for this yard.  We had tried to sell the Merc a couple times to people who wanted to rebuild it.  This kid got Mamas attention by selling a lot of soft soap. I am encouraged by the fact that it is in a place that specializes in selling whole cars. I hope someone gets it that wants to play with it.  The car has a 390 with a 2bbl and automatic.  It was a blast to drive but it would have helped to own a gas station.  Would hate to see it parted out or sold for scrap.

When you combine two homes there is an excess of everything.  You can’t keep it all but some things are just harder to part with than others. We did drive the Merc and also the 57 Chev quite a bit.  Neither were bought with some dream of restoration.  When you retire, you get the fun of making choices as to where your dollar goes.  There are normally fewer of them to allocate. I doubt that Merc was ever going to run again for us.

I’m glad this place has the car. Hope he sells it and his business model is successful.  In my mind it sure beats turning them into razor blades. I just wish he hadn’t lied.

This place is just around the corner from the Bird Sematary.  The yard has been there for a couple years but I have seen less traffic there lately. Probably the economy. On the other hand, possibly the business ethics he used on us were not isolated.