CC Outtake: 2002 Lincoln Blackwood – Blacked-Out Blackwood By Night

In a country that has a thirst for buying big, expensive vehicles largely because of ego and not a functional need, you’d think a 4-passenger, full-size luxury pickup prioritizing form over function would be a huge hit? — Wrong. In the case of the Lincoln Blackwood it certainly wasn’t.

You see, even in the world of $60,000+ leather-lined quad cabs, pickup truck are still largely purchased for their cargo and hauling capability, much unlike that of their SUV siblings. With neither impressive seating capacity nor cargo space/access from the Blackwood’s virtually useless bed, Lincoln produced just 3,356 Blackwoods for a single model year.

Photographed: West 6th Street and Normandie Ave, Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA – February 2017