Curbside Classic at Night: 1960 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88–Ready for Launch!

I was bringing dinner home tonight and passed this–a 1960 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 hardtop coupe sitting on a car carrier.  Or is it a launch pad?

Oldsmobile had this “rocket” theme going since 1949, but the 1959-60 models really did look like rockets on wheels!  And pointing it skyward like this actually makes it look as if it’s about to blast-off into outer space!

I think this is Russian–but you get the idea.


German V-1 or V-2? This rocket actually resembles the 1949-early ’50s Oldsmobile rocket logo. The wheeled carriers look very similar.


“Fresh, balanced, enchanting symmetry!”  Yes, the car’s width, length, and lowness are exaggerated in the illustration, but such designs just cry out for it!


1957-60 Oldsmobiles are my favorite Oldsmobile models of all time!  It was quite a surprise to see one just around the corner from me, boldly silhouetted against the night sky!