CC Outtake: Honda 4WD Acty pickup

On a gray morning earlier this week I had an in-town errand. As I pulled into the still mostly empty lot, I spotted a nice little pickup which I chose as my parking neighbor. My own Tacoma, though it would have looked small compared to the F150 you can see in the background here, absolutely dwarfed this JDM rarity.

I don’t know much about these trucks, and JDM vehicles in general are rare here; even if old enough to import federally, California’s emissions laws apply back to 1976, at least for gasoline vehicles. In any case, this trucklet had Vermont plates. A quick Wikipedia search revealed that these Kei trucks were launched in 1977, and are still sold in Japan, albeit only in 2WD form now.

This one is an early second generation Acty, with round headlights that were soon replaced by integrated rectangular lights. so it’s probably a 1988 or ’89. The first Acty was powered by a 545cc twin, mounted amidship, but this 2nd gen Acty probably has a 547cc triple. Maximum speed is 65 mph. Since 1990, the Acty has been powered by a 656cc engine.

The length is just a few inches over ten feet, so judging by the proportions the bed is actually longer than the 5 footer on my “short bed” Tacoma. The Acty was offered as both a van and pickup, but I’m a pickup guy, so this this would actually be a pretty practical vehicle for about 80% of my usage: dump and home center runs, in-town shopping, and with 4wd, easy access to the back acres of our mountain property for firewood collection. The low bed would be ideal to toss in a few mountain bikes for those days we don’t just ride to the trailhead. Hmmm … maybe I should track it down again and leave a note under the windshield wiper.