CC Outtake: US-Spec 2nd & 6th Generation Toyota Camrys – My, How You’ve Grown

038 - US-spec 2nd & 6th-generation Toyota Camrys - V20 & XV40

Riding the Route 36 bus to the neighborhood grocery store afforded me this view of these two Toyota Camrys (complete with eleventh-generation Ford Thunderbird photobomb).  I don’t recall ever having seen two examples of these particular generations of Camry side-by-side ever before.  It wasn’t until only several years ago that I became aware there were two different versions of the Camry globally, starting for model year 1991, with the U.S. receiving a version of the wide-body XV10 model as our third-generation Camry, while Japan got the “regular” V30 for 1990.

In the United States, we would recognize these two pictured cars as the sixth (2006 – ’11) and second-generation (1987 – ’91) Camry, respectively.  While it’s true that almost two decades separate the designs of these two cars, seeing them next to each other almost makes it look like they’re also two size classes apart, as well.

Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois.
Saturday, September 27, 2015.