CC For Sale: Need a Change of Scenery? – Mercedes Benz T2 Motorhome For Sale in Cape Town

The upside of working almost till Christmas this year was early morning rush hour traffic died down in the preceding week, and I had more time to look for interesting wheels on my way to work. No problem then to double back for a sniff around this Mercedes Benz T2 508D motorhome parked on the Blouberg beachfront late last week.


A ‘For Sale’ sign in the window triggered some day dreaming here on how to mix up the holiday plans… Day dreams don’t have to make sense or be practical, they just have to make us feel good, right? Minutes from this Merc one can access the N7 freeway and head north to the tiny town of Vioolsdrif on the Namibian border, just 667 kilometers away. Namibia is an awesome country to explore and get away from the daily grind.


The first generation T2 was built from ’67 till ’86, this one is from the post ’81 update. I tried looking up T2 motorhomes but couldn’t find anything looking like this one. If you are interested in T2 motorhomes it’s worth having a look online, the variety is enormous, and sometimes hilarious, ranging from chic to shack. The first three photos were taken at around 06.15h in the morning, and while looking suitably moody, weren’t showing the front end well. I came back later in the day for more, see below.


This Mercedes wears it’s thirty years plus styling well, I love the DNA running through the brand’s cars and trucks from this time, sober, strong, classic.


The interior needs work, all of the soft furnishings have been removed, and what is left needs some inspiration, but with some DIY knowledge this can be a characterful base for some exploring.


I’ll leave you with an older picture I took of Blouberg beach, across the road fron the T2, with the Cape Doctor in action; the south east wind which roars in and blows all our troubles away. Often this beach has dozens of kite surfers zipping through the waves.

I’ll also leave you with one of my favourite local late 80’s tracks, Special Star by Mango Groove, a tribute to Spokes Moshiyane, King of Kwela. this is a special star time of year and I wish you peace and happiness, and this Mercedes’s star is shining brightly too.