CC Outtake: Ford Capri 3000 GT – A New Dawn

ford capri 1

It’s not often you leave for work in the morning and spy a bonafide Curbside Classic in front of your house. My street is generally quite sparse on Curbside Classics; an old neighbor’s Fiat 131 and Jaguar XJ and another neighbor’s Triumph 2000 left the neighborhood long before I started writing for this site. This morning, though, I was spoilt by this 1970-72 Ford Capri 3000 GT.

The early morning sun conspired to sabotage my photos, sadly. But you can still spot the owner’s inventive way of keeping the front bumper in place. The car is pretty much stock, as these left the factory that way. These were actually imported as CKD kits from the UK and were assembled in a factory in Homebush, New South Wales. This actually surprised me to learn, as I don’t recall ever seeing a Capri on the roads despite our rather rust-free climate. Apparently, they were relatively popular for a sport compact, although the 1.6 four-cylinder models were the volume sellers. We only received the first-generation Capri, which was sold from 1969 until 1972. Perhaps the generally younger clientele drove these too enthusiastically and that’s why survival rates are so low.

ford gb 1969 capri3000gt

This 3000 GT would be one of 3,014 locally-assembled models. The 3.0 V6 produced 144 hp and 192 ft-lbs of torque, with a four-speed manual or an optional three-speed automatic. The manual vastly outsold the automatic. Interestingly, the biggest V6 is one of the engines that didn’t make it to North America, where the only available V6s were the 2.6 and 2.8.

ford capri 2

I don’t think this belongs to a neighbor, which is a shame. I wouldn’t mind seeing this every morning as I leave for work.