Curbside Capsule: 1974 Land Rover Series III Flatbed – Kangaroos Next 14 km

Spotted this rare bird while walking the dogs in the neighborhood. 4WD Land Rovers are not an uncommon sight in the Pacific Northwest, being so capable on our rugged terrain (which was in fact claimed by the British long ago). Right hand drive is not so common here, and I’ve never seen a flatbed Land Rover. Maybe you can answer a few of my questions about it.

Tom Klockau gave us a proper CC on the Land Rover Series III, in its more usual Jeep-like form. Curved Triplex glass in the corners tells me this cab must have been factory-built. But Rover never built any flatbeds, did they? This bed is well made, nice and square and solid looking, but the exposed welds and simple fenders say it didn’t come from a factory.

That yellow diamond in the back window, its right hand drive and a small oddity I’ll get to in a minute all say this rig is originally from the Land Down Under.

Here’s a Series III Land Rover pickup from the web. Or should I say “ute”? For its bed is integral with its cab. Same cab as today’s find. Look again at the previous picture – there’s a patch down under behind the door where the pickup box must have been. I think today’s rig is a nicely done conversion, from ute to flatbed.

Is it a professional conversion or the work of a skillful owner? How much of a load can this flatbed carry?

The Series III interior is more modern and padded than the earlier version that had central gauges. But it still has sliding windows, not the posh windup kind.

Over 400,000 Series III Land Rovers were built from 1971 to 1985. The grille shape is the spotter’s way to tell it’s a Series III. I’m just guessing this is a ’74. Can you pin it down any more accurately?

One more thing puzzles me, that’s the auxiliary amber and clear lights, presumably parking lights and turn signals. Most of the Series III Land Rovers on the web have the clear lights above the amber ones. But the Australian ones I found are all the other way around, like this. Inquiring minds want to know why. Cheers!