My Amateur Range Rover Commercial/QOTD: Do You Ever Go Off-Roading?

It is no secret that only a very small percentage of people who buy SUVs and CUVs ever take them off paved roads, but for those who’ve ever taken part in some mild or more advanced off-roading, I can personally attest that it’s an exhilarating experience.

These days, with more and more car-based CUVs with optional all-wheel drive systems that are very mild, and many luxury SUVs/CUVs masquerading as sports cars with 22-inch rims and stiff sport suspensions, the likelihood of off-roading is even less. But more off-road focused brands like Jeep and Land Rover still are very dedicated to making their vehicles highly capable for all terrain. Even Land Rover’s smallest Range Rover Evoque features a standard advanced all-wheel drive system with settings for specific types of off-road conditions, making it a very capable little off-roader.

Recently, while at training for the all-new 2020 Evoque, my friend and co-worker, Adam, convinced me to go for a little off-road adventure in our 2018 Evoque, filming me as part of his “amateur commercial”. We had a lot of fun, especially on some steeper and muddier trails no seen in this video, and I’m looking forward to going off-roading again soon. Bringing me to my question: Have you ever gone or do you ever go off-roading?