Trailside Outtake: Rust in Peace

A recent hike through a local State Park revealed some interesting wrecked cars. This stretch of trail runs below – quite far below – California Route 9, a twisty road through the coastal mountains which is busy with commuters during the week, and fast moving motorcycles and sports cars on weekends. Not clear if these are actual wrecks, or stolen cars pushed off the road. First, a Healey 3000 (I’m assuming it’s a 3000, but I suppose it could be a 100-4).

Yes, that appears to be pink paint visible in places. Any Healey experts know if that was the tint of the primer or undercoat applied in Longbridge (or were these built in Abingdon)?

A short distance along we discovered this Beetle. Closer to the trail, it had attracted some graffiti.

For the most part, the local Open Space agencies have been hauling these cars out over the years and I’m surprised that these remain. Interestingly, most that I have seen have been imports; VW’s are found in several parks, and there’s an older Vauxhall or English Ford well buried in another local open space, only revealing a few square inches of bodywork that I couldn’t identify.

Photo from the Internet

One of the most famous local trail cars was this Porsche 914, which gave its name to the “914 Trail” popular with mountain bikers, but it was hauled away long ago.