Building A Beck 550 Part III – The Donor

As you have read, the Beck 550 is well on its way to completion. But first, you need an engine, right? A lot of Becks get VW motivation, but a more powerful choice is the 2.5L Subaru boxer engine. So this little Scooby wagonette gave its life so a cool little sports car could be born…

According to Cary, a VP with Beck, the Subaru is a 2007 model and the engine was in excellent shape with great compression and great leakdown.

Actually the little wagon looks almost too nice. These Imprezas were nice looking wagons, and this gen was the last for the wagon. Oh well, all in the name of love and war!

According to the message these pics came from the Beck team will begin tearing down the motor and stripping it for powdercoating next. Stay tuned, Curbsiders!