Curbside Classic: 1965/66 Dodmouth Imperial Edition.

Once again, time at CC for more cobbled up pentastar variations. This time, bits of two mid ‘60s ones with more rhinoplasties than Michael Jackson’s wandering ghost.

No idea how this baby got put together. The Dart’s donating bits must have been bolted back when Chrysler products were more plentiful in these lands. Originally I wondered if I had found some odd South American variant, but was put out of this error when the not-quite-matching front fenders were pointed out.

The original owner had far better taste than the current one, who seems to be a “grille enthusiast.” Lots of enthusiasm on his part, for the added grilles have been seesawed/wired/stuck together in ways that vex the mind. As some old friend once told me: “Ugly stuff takes a lot of work too.”

And here is the pièce de résistance. The original owner must have been a pentastar fan, for some effort was placed in giving this Dodmouth the full Exner Imperial experience. This lowly Valiant 200 never imagined it would benefit from the glory of those free standing taillights.

Sans grilles, I actually like this Dodmouth, for I prefer the Dart front over the formal Valiant’s. If it were in better shape, I could dream of taking it home.

About a Valiant, with no Dart genes:

CC 1966 Plymouth Valiant – Aging In Place.