eBay Classic: 1977 Cadillac Coupe de Ville – More Butter Please!

(first posted 8/18/2014)    OK guys, you know the drill. If you see “Klockau” in the byline, you can rest assured (well, most of the time) that you are going to probably see some old luxury car that most people under 30 will not recognize, nor care about. I freely admit I am somewhat of an anomaly: At 34, I love Imperials, Fleetwood Broughams, Cordobas and all other sorts of domestic rolling stock. Among my peers, I guess I’m a bit of a pariah; I’m not supposed to like these cars, dontcha know! Honda? Nissan? I freely admit they make some very nice cars, and if you bought one I would happily shake your hand and congratulate you with no guile whatsoever. But. But…there’s just something about those old luxury cars…

And if you’ve been on CC for a while, you know I love triple-yellow Cadillacs. Why? I don’t know. Why is the sky blue? Why do modern cars have such sucky glass area? Why do so many 32-year-old moms drive a 7,000-lb F150? That’s just the way it is–with apologies to Bruce Hornsby.

Screw convention! Why buy what others expect you to? Why be practical? Why not get what you want! Such thoughts resulted in the purchase of my Town Car Cartier, a car I never needed but always pined for. So, if you have the Brougham Bug and, like me, do not care to be cured, let’s take a look at this fine Cadillac automobile from the year 1977.

In the year of our Lord 1977, Cadillacs changed big time. No longer where they the factory-built lead sleds of the past decade or so. Instead, they were as practical as you can be when shopping luxury cars, with reduced curb weight, reduced overall length, and decidedly zippier handling–relatively speaking, of course.

They were also sharp. Despite the rapid weight loss plan, the 1977 Cadillacs were still very attractive, and as luxurious as any of the 1971-76 gunboats. And with the 425 CID V8, they still had plenty of punch, especially with the Ultra Slim-Fast diet they got.

Folks trading in their 1974 Coupe de Villes and Sedan de Villes on one of these would have found a not unfamiliar environment, with Sierra grain leather as far as the eye could see, Comfort Control, power you-name-it, an available Astroroof, and other assorted lux goodies. And… you could get yellow leather!!!

And this was no lame just the seats and a business-size-envelope-sized contrasting trim panel on the doors. No, this was a YELLOW interior! The dash, headliner, pillar trim, steering wheel and even the gear shift knob for the Turbo-Hydramatic were color-coordinated. Nice!

And if you wanted an 8-track stereo, by golly, you could get it! I am thinking a selection from Dean Martin would be appropriate in a car like this. Rock and roll? Ah, no, that was for F-body drivers back then!

While all the trim and details are somewhat lacking compared to Cadillacs of the 1950s and 1960s (so they tell me), I like the interiors on these. Chrome-trimmed pedals, a simple wheel to adjust temperature, woodgrained tuning and volume knobs (don’t get me started on touch screens in new cars!), and intricate chrome-trimmed HVAC outlets. And all with a yellow interior to boot. Me like! Me want! Alas, I already have one car I don’t technically need…

I’ve always loved these door panels too, with the red-and-white courtesy lamp with Cadillac crest, heavy chrome door release, and little chrome buttons for the power windows and locks.

While Cadillacs were usually seen with a split bench, this mint example has the “solid” bench, albeit in Sierra grain leather. So comfy! Lumbar support? What was that? Oh, you probably want a Volvo or BMW 530i.

And just because I can, here is the passenger-side door panel. Gorgeous.

The back seat was just as pleasant as upfront, with real space for real adult human beings. And, since it was the ’70s, you also got your own ash trays and lighters in each armrest. Ash trays in the ’70s were like cup holders in the ’90s–you just HAD to have them!

I regularly skulk eBay for fine examples of the Great Brougham Epoch™, and when I saw this lovely Cadillac with only 14,000 miles on the clock several Sundays ago, I just had to write it up, on the spot, for you fine CC folks. Whoever gets her will have a fine ride indeed!

eBay link here: 1977 Cadillac Coupe de Ville 14,000 miles, original paint