Mini CC: 1969 Plymouth Barracuda By M2 – Plain Janes, Just Like They Used To Be

For know-it-alls of a certain age, EVERY Plymouth Barracuda was a muscle car, EVERY Mustang was a GT or Boss, and, by golly, EVERY Camaro was an SS or Z-28! But for those of us more grounded in reality, that is, ahem, a pipe dream. Nope, rip-rorting muscle variants of the early ponycars were the exception, not the rule. But looking at available scale models and their full-size brethren at shows and cruise nights, you would be hard-pressed to think otherwise. That’s why I like M2 so much: They make models of the commonly-equipped ponycars in addition to the zippy ones.

Take, for instance, this 1969 Barracuda, which, as of this writing, I purchased about two hours ago. Other than the rare “recall” wheels, this Plymouth would have been quite common equipment-wise in 1969. No decals, scoops, spoilers, but with a nice set of whitewalls.

And a Slant Six! Yes, that’s right, someone has modeled a Slant Six in a 1/64-scale Mopar. Isn’t that cool?

While it is a bit raked (maybe it’s a “Day Two” car?) I was still impressed with this model. And for a 1/64-scale car to have both opening doors and hood? Wow!

So I had to take it home with me. M2 also makes a light blue 1968 Firebird with the OHC six! I already have a red one, but might have to force myself to get the blue one–after all, it has a matching blue interior.

The best part: These are available at Menards right now (for the Christmas season, they don’t carry them year-round) so I was able to get this little ‘cuda not only for less than Wally World ($4.99 vs. $5.88), but I also did not get stuck behind some woman with approximately 800 items in her cart while in line. Now that’s a win-win, no matter how you slice it!