Curbside Classic: Renault 4CV – Quattre Pattes on the Lot

This is a Renault 4CV.

…’scuze me, a Renault 4CV Special. Beyond that, I know just about nothing about this model beyond what Wikipedia says. These were made from 1947 and 1961, and its design brief appears to have overlapped considerably with that of the Volkswagen.

The overall shape is similar, especially from the rear. There’s a louvred cover panel over the rear-mounted engine, though this engine is water-cooled. Ah well, it is better to have louvred and lost than never to have louvred at all.

Ne pas de frills, but nothing here looks chintzy, cheap, or flimsy.

Renault logos sprinkled here and there.

Stop-tail lights down here…

…turn signals up here…

…and Cibié headlamps with yellow bulbs made of cadmium glass (a post soon all about those, I keep promising!).

Craftsmanlike upholstery work. These front seatbacks look uncommonly supportive.

A bit less Beetle-y from this angle. Sittin’ there trying to look all innocent-like. «Non, non, non, non, c’était pas moi; c’était un autre!»