Service Center Classics: Not New; Not Classic Just Yet


Last Thursday I had the Corsa serviced. As it’s still on Opel warranty, I took it to the dealer’s service center in Tel Aviv (that photo above showing the entrance to the garage, is taken from the dash-cam video).


The guy that runs this place used to work for UMI, the importer for all GM brands to Israel. When Opel was taken away from UMI to be given to a new importer in 2011 (I mentioned it here yesterday), he was persuaded to join them and set up his own place. Many of his customers followed him, because as we all know, a good mechanic is worth far more than a good doctor. As a result, although this is indeed a certified Opel service center, many other, old(er) GM cars can be seen inside and around the place. here are few that were there when I came in:


This is the “waiting for parts” corner, for cars that usually have to stay more than a day. Straight away, the Brits among you will recognize the daily-driver-company-car-look of the Vectra. And that Astra is still soldering on (there were actually two of these in the garage that day, see the opening photo again).

Now for a quick Hebrew lesson; To capitalize on the latest Astra, arriving in Israel just now, the importer has set up this BIG sign you can see in the background. In white it says: “The New Opel Astra”, followed underneath by (yellow letters) “Car Of The Year 2016”.


Here’s that Vecra again, which appears to have run out of juice.


No surprise, then, to find a Vectra-based Malibu parked outside the garage, in true CC form.


This one is even worse off than the Opels waiting inside for parts. It’s been banished out of the garage, cats stride all over it. By the way, that’s an official handicapped sign inside the bottom left windshield. Make what you will of this…


Another (older) Vectra derivative was this SAAB 9-5. Again, left outside the garage to wait for… what?


This one looks to be in far better shape than the Malibu, although you can tell from the dust that it too have been sitting outside for more than a few days.


Finally, this big Omega actually arrived on the day. It came by tow truck, its owner not able to start the engine. These have become extremely rare in Israel. Not many have been purchased new in the first place, it was pricey.

So ends the service center tour- I have to service the Astra soon, so maybe there will be a update. (-;