Curbside Poetry: The Ode to CC

by Bill Shields

There once was a man named Paul, who worked in TV and could have made quite the haul
He decided on a whim this was not the life for him and he could bring more to the ball
He told his good lady Stephanie, that the Pacific Northwest was his destiny
So he packed their Dodge van and headed north with a plan
to set up a website called CC

He knew there were others, who loved cars like their mothers
To them this apostle, would spread the gospel called CC
Curbside Classic would be thy name,
Respect and good humor the game
He wanted good people like him who loved all cars without sin
He worked hard at his task with his face all aglow
making this wonderful world we know
Many heard of his fame and to Oregon they came,
To hear the wisdom of the man named Paul
There is Joseph and Joe and JP
The trio of J’s who brighten our days with their masterful wordplays
Then there’s Jason, who keeps our pulses racing
With the spine tingling stories of Grandpa Albert in his glory
Bet that was a twist you completely missed In MY story!
And young William from the land down under,
Whose maturity in writing steals everyone’s thunder!
And of course the incredibly cool Mr Saur,
Who lives a life I could really adore
If not for the fact that his wonderful life makes me feel old and a bore!
There are many others I could mention
Who deserve as much attention
But my typing finger cramps
So I must head back up the ramp to Brother Paul
Who you will recall is the illustrious, divine wondrous leader of us all
So now that my midnight scribble
Has been typed up with some class
And I’m done kissing a**
I will say goodbye til my next fib(ble)!