CC Realization: The Plymouth Marquis and Mercury Valiant

While researching for my recent piece on a 1974 Mercury Marquis, I stumbled upon quite a few pictures of the 1975 to 1978 Mercury Marquis.

Other than a nip here and a tuck there, these are all the same car.  But the rear treatment of the 1975 and up Mercurys is different and that is what triggered a huge realization and/or revelation.  Or maybe I’m just late to the party.

Here is the rear of the referenced Mercury Marquis.  It’s stately in its big-boned way.  While I do have a true affinity for these, I have found myself preferring the one year only treatment used upon the 1974 models.

Take a good gander at the rear of this Mercury before we move on.

Ready?  Here we go….

Here is the rear of a 1975 Plymouth Valiant.  These A-bodies have truly grown on me over the years; it’s a car that could be a lot of fun to have as a weekend cruiser.  It would also not consume my downstairs garage the way my Galaxie has.

Yet we really need to get these two close together for a more critical examination.  For simplicity, the Valiant you are about to see is one I pulled off the interwebs.

Look strictly at the bumper and tail light arrangement….

Is there a distinct resemblance here or is it just me?  I cannot look at either of these the same again.

What other cars from different manufacturers and of identical eras have similar rear appearances?