CC Commercial: Dodge of a Different Day

Ah, the good ol’ days, right? Well…maybe not; the good ol’ days never existed—not the way we think we remember them, anyhow. Brother’s playing with guns. Sister’s not even pretending to be buckled in, and anyhow there are only lap belts that might do an OK job of keeping the bottom half of her in place if the car should stop suddenly* (like, say, on indirect account of its four-wheel nine-inch drum brakes and single-pot master cylinder). Not shown: lead aerosol and other corruption spewing from the tailpipe, five or six packs of cigarettes between mom and dad daily, and the zero percent nonwhite neighbors in that Leave-It-To-Beaver neighborhood of theirs. The past is a foreign country, as it is said; on objective balance it’s probably best we can’t get there from here.

But take a look at the ad itself. Not only is it in vibrant black and white, but it’s clearly from when marketing psychology scarcely even existed yet. It boils down to “Look, here’s our new model. You should buy it because it’s attractive and built well and has room for your family and it’s pleasant to drive.” Nothing more or less than that; they don’t make ’em like they used to.

*-with grateful apology to Shelley Berman