Fieldside Classic: Fendt Farmer 270 V Compact Tractor – Stationary Engine For The Time Being

Compact tractors are mostly used by fruit growers and horticulturists. This Fendt Farmer 270 V drives a pump, creating a temporary waterfall. The combination drains water from the orchard in the background and dumps it into a wider ditch alongside the road.

The Fendt Farmer 270 V and the AWD 270 VA were offered from 1988 to 2002. This compact tractor model was powered by an air cooled 3.8 liter 4-cylinder KHD (Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz) diesel engine, good for 70 DIN-hp.

The fruit trees are protected by anti hail nets. Rolled up now, obviously.

Further down the road I caught another fieldside classic, and it’s for sale. An old Nooteboom low bed semi-trailer chassis.

Almost at the end of my walk, this former farmhouse is getting a new thatched roof. Once the restoration is completed, this ol’ house will be ready for many years to come. Way, way beyond 2018…