Future CC: 2010 Mercury Milan Premier – If They’re Scarce Now…

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Poor Mercury. During its last decade of existence, it was starved of fresh product and left to wither. Instead of a notchback Cougar version of the new-for-2005 Mustang, they got…the Monterey minivan. Gee, thanks. At the end of the line, the only thing really keeping Mercury going was healthy sales of the Grand Marquis. That left the Mountaineer SUV and Milan family sedan to round out the lineup. But the refreshed 2010 Milan was a looker, in your author’s opinion. Sad that it never really got a chance…

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I never really cared for the fencer’s-mask nose of the 2010 Fusion, but I DID like the ’10 Milan’s fascia. That vertical-bar grille and vertical headlights just looked more elegant–and were an improvement over the 2006-09 Milan, which looked more like a Fusion with a Mercury grille tacked on.

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Inside, however, it was virtually identical to the Ford version, but that wasn’t really a bad thing: The Fusion/Milan cabin was a very nice place to be, especially in the leather-bound editions. During my brief sales career, I drove plenty of ’11 Fusions, and even sold a few. They were nice cars–reliable and comfy.

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I found this pearl-white example at a local dealership last October and was drawn to it, as these last-of-the-line Milans are seldom seen around here. It seems that most of Mercury’s last remaining customers plumped for the flossier Grand Marquis instead. I have seen maybe one other 2010 Milan since then, and if they’re this scarce now, in 25 years will there be any left to write a CC about?

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