CC Farm Equipment:  Crossliner Rover SP – Keeping Your Orchard Safe and Secure

I came across this interesting vehicle during an internet search and it captured my attention.  

It’s a Croplands Crossliner Rover SP – a self-propelled agricultural spraying vehicle used in large orchards and similar farming locations.  Croplands is a New Zealand company but now also markets its products in Australia and Canada.  

It’s a fascinating “form follows function” design – low slung to allow liquid to be sprayed underneath the tree canopy where most fruit is located.  The spaying mechanism is in the back and is driven by a large fan.  

Its powered by a 4 cylinder, 85 hp turbo-diesel and has a five speed transmission with high and low range, and 4-wheel steering.

I’m not sure if Brian Johnson was consulted on its design but what surprised me most was its similarity to another vehicle recognizable to those of us of “a certain age”…