Lawnside Capsule: 1972–83 Ford LGT Garden Tractors

(first posted 2/2/2018)       I ran across this ad recently which prompted me to learn a little about these neat garden tractors Ford offered from 1972–1983.

Jacobsen manufactured Ford’s garden tractors, actually starting in 1964 with the T-800 and T-1000. These were quite heavy-duty tractors and are worth restoring today when found. Gilson Brothers made the Ford LT 81 and LT 111 from 1982–83, and took over manufacturing of the whole line as of 1984. These later units were considered to be more of a ‘yard tractor’ than a ‘garden tractor.’

I pass a rural home on my way to work that used to have a little blue Ford garden tractor parked next to a shed, so now I know what it was – it disappeared a few years ago, unfortunately. I wonder if the young lass in the photo above is a Mustang-driving secretary?

From about age 12 until I left for college, I spent many an hour on our old Sears Craftsman SS-12, purchased new in 1968. We talked my Dad into taking us for one last ride around the block a couple years ago (and obviously had fun doing it). What was your mowing machine of choice (or forced servitude) growing up?