Affordable Classic: 1961 Pontiac Laurentian – Last Minute Fixes

Despite a short and successful test drive there was still plenty to do. But not much time to do it.

First up was the cracked and now non-functional headlight.

Luckily my friend Rod has a stash of new old stock parts including a few that would fit the Pontiac including a few headlights. Other parts that I will toss in the trunk as spares are some fuel filters and a radiator cap.

You can tell these headlights are old. They are made in Canada.

The bezel comes off. Looks a bit iffy to get the headlight out intact.

Predictably it did shatter and I cut myself a little.

The replacement slotted in and still works.

I bought and installed a new set of spark plugs. I also purchased rap, rotor, condenser, and new points. The existing ones looked pretty decent so those moved lower on the priority list.

Totally unnecessary but a bit of fun I roughly put in a shower curtain as head liner. I certainly improve on the mounting if time allows (it did not).

I am not keen on asphyxiation from exhaust fumes so the Pontiac went in for a full exhaust system. The drive there was thankfully uneventful as it is only around 8kms but has a large hill in the middle. I was a little later than I expected with some battery trouble in the morning.

I asked for a super basic, no fills exhaust system. I suspect that shop only does top notch work as I got a beautiful exhaust. Too beautiful for the car really. Rod greased the underside of the car for me.

I had an appointment to get an alignment done the day before the challenge. Unfortunately once there the shop declined to do the alignment unless I bought all new parts. Friends to the rescue again as one has a well equipped garage including an alignment machine. We (well almost all he not me) got the Laurentian aligned. A bigger issue was discovered … the steady bearing was bad. Really bad. A know weak point on these cars so I should have checked it earlier. Amazingly a local shop had the parts required.

So on the very last afternoon we (again mostly he) got the driveshaft out and the steady bearing replaced as well as a u-joint. Not many photos here as it was a big time crunch.

On the way back the Pontiac got caught in a little bit of rain. I still need to buy some window wiper blades. Maybe tomorrow at the Great Beater Challenge judging and start line. Wish me luck.



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