So you’ve decided you want to contribute to Curbside Classic.  That’s great; we’re always open to new voices and unique viewpoints.  Take a minute to better understand what you need to get your article published.

There are a lot of magazines and websites devoted to cars and the people who love them.  We are interested in pieces which add to the collective knowledge of a given model or which approaches a given topic from a new angle.  Take a bit of time to see what has already been discussed so that you can most successfully direct your efforts.  There is a lot to be said for every car; whether your piece covers historical context, design, your experiences driving a certain make and model, or something else entirely, originality is important.

There are a couple of main categories under which we publish articles.  Some are longer, some are short.  Please consult the CC Writer’s Guide for more info.

Writer’s Guide:
You’ll find most of the necessary information to help you with your articles in the CC Writer’s Guide.  This detailed guideline will give you information about what we expect from our contributors.  A good article will follow the rules described in this document.  Take your time and read it; posting an article is fun and very worthwhile, but not necessarily as straightforward as you may expect (especially not the first time).

A Word on Images:
We at least need the following shots for the subjects of your articles: frontal (but not dead-on); front three-quarter; rear three-quarter; and rear (also not quite dead-on).   Obviously, different cars and different settings will affect what looks good, so try and use your best judgment.  Other angles and interior shots (preferably through the passenger side window) are encouraged.  It’s best to take plenty of pictures so that you can choose those which are most suitable.  Make sure the photos you take and choose are relevant to the content of the article. The maximum size we can publish is 1200 pixels width. If possible, please reduce your images to 1200, or smaller, but not less than 600 pixels, if possible.

Many people like to embed images in their submissions: please do not do this.  When emailing your submissions, attach photos separately.  It’d be best to mark the places in the text you’d like to place given photos, and then to specify which of these will be placed in each spot.

First time contributors should send pieces to  As we often get many submissions, we may not get back to you immediately, but rest assured that we have in fact seen your submission.  You are encouraged to register with Curbside Classic before submitting.

If we like what we see, we’ll let you know, and will copy the text of your submission into a new entry, along with the pictures you’ve sent, and publish it as a new article.

Once you’ve established yourself as a writer, and only if you’ve registered on Curbside Classic, you will be upgraded to “Contributor” status.  This won’t allow you to publish, but it will give you access to the back-end of the website, where you’ll be able to draft new articles and submit them for publication.

If there are other questions, please feel free to submit them to

A Final Word:
Finally, the goal of participating in Curbside Classic is to have fun and to be positive.  We are proud of what we have created here and are excited to keep it going with fresh perspectives.  If you enjoy our site as much as we do, you are encouraged to contribute.

As our tagline states, every car has a story.  We are excited to hear yours!