1964 Impala Award: Used Car Salesdad Of The Year

01 LSide

Used Car Salesman Award


(First Posted September 3, 2013)  I had just recently bought my father’s 1979 Chevy Caprice, for what I recall was a very good price. My mother had used this car but was no longer driving. It was identical to my father’s 1978 Caprice save for the F41 suspension which my mother’s car did not have.  The deal needed to be commemorated with a suitable award.

At the time we needed a larger car than my wife’s rapidly rusting-away Datsun B210, as our second son had just been born. The Caprice was perfect. As I recall it had a 305 V8 and the metric auto trans. The torque converter predictably blew beets, and the choke pulloffs ceased pulling off, but otherwise it was a reliable car.


02 Front

The walnut base was the real deal


The windshield text (in real deal Witeout) at one time proclaimed “Low Miles”.


03 RHSide

Right Side Beauty


I had fun creating this award, and my Dad got a big kick out of it. He had it in his den from 1984 until his death in 2001.


04 Rear

Ass End


I don’t recall there being any ‘79 Caprices available in model kits. This ‘64 Impala was an AMT 1/25th unit, and obviously was available. I don’t think that I used my air brush or Unger soldering iron since then.

Need to make some more awards.