1996 Mazda Miata : A Rare IDK Edition


IDK stands for three profound words that I rarely utter in my travels.

I… Don’t… Know…

I don’t know what this Miata was at one time, or is supposed to be as it basks in the near infernal heat and humidity of a late July afternoon in North Georgia.

Is it a high-end custom creation? An experimental model with strong corporate roots? A racer converted to street use? A badge queen with enough features to be the jack of all convertible trades?

There is so much custom in this ride that, well, I need a few observant pairs of eyes to figure it all out.   



 Feel free to say Hi Mr. NA Miata.

We know that you’re at least a first generation model. A wonderful lineage that represents convertible nirvana incarnate to thousands of enthusiasts. 

You should have no trouble finding a good home.  Now open your mouth and say, “Vrooomm!!!”







Hmmm…  no cavities. Clean. Dare I say,”Impressive!” I take it you had a prior owner that treated you like a member of the family.


Now let’s open the door and see what awaits us.


Holy frijoles!


Other than the dashbaord and those roll down windows, nothing seems stock.


I don’t even know where to begin?


Okay, let’s look at that trunklid. Maybe that should give us some more information.




EUNOS? In the U.S. of A.? It can’t be. Those are usually right hand drive as well.

It could be an M, or a Nardi, or maybe even a base model tricked out to the extreme.

And what is it with this R.Z. Aizawa fellow? Maybe the trunk has a few answers.


Well, at least I know where the airbag went. That car cover is also a nice site for a sore enthusiast eye, and an Optima battery is hidden in a corner crevice if you look hard enough.


In fact, the owner seemed to have a love for you that went way beyond the usual Miata level love affairs. 


It appears to be a custom job to the extreme. The steering wheel, seats, carpets, dashboard trim, innumerable engine components, aluminum alloys and paintwork…


Even the convertible top is not original. No zipper or plastic in the back. Thank God!

For a guy who is known as the keeper of  rarified automotve knowledge (call me the Cliff Claven of auto enthusiasts if you must) this circumstance is agonizing to the near point of a Rain Man meltdown.


So help me out here. What is it? Here’s the VIN for the chosen few that may be able to go beyond my Carfax and Autocheck capabilities.