1999-2005 Mitsuoka Galue II – Alien Craft

I was having an evening walk round the block, as one does, when I saw this Mitsuoka, as one doesn’t. Now, I’ve tried to understand Mitsuoka, and I’ve failed. Different cultures are different; no problem there—I can accommodate Japanese grownups unironically buying Hello Kitty seat covers and briefcases, though I’ll be sore the next day. But Mitsuoka just does not compute. Or it didn’t, until my longest-time friend said You know how some dudes are into [fetish not discussed in open company]? Same thing. That’s the most cogent explanation ever I’ve heard, and I think it’s bang on, as it were: my fetishes are hawt; other people’s are ridiculous.

So here was this Mitsuoka, parked down the street and round the corner from my house. I couldn’t decipher the try-and-read-me model name callout on the trunk lid, so I had to do some image searching to figure out what this is.

It’s a…erm…a reworked Y34-type Nissan Cedric/Gloria:

Wikimedia Commons image


Wikimedia Commons image

So okeh, I understand why one might wish this car were less boring. But looking back at the Galue II, I also understand that warning about being careful what you wish for. The front of this car might be the result of taking magic mushrooms and then drawing a comic book about a Bentley S2; like the linked Bentley, this car has American sealed beam headlamps, too:

I don’t mind this hood ornament. I would like it better if it were configured to spin in the wind, like a propeller beanie:

I might should’ve chosen one of the other wheels to photograph, but the design jibes with the hood ornament:

Much though I think the front is overcooked, the rear works better for me:

I don’t like the useless slim chrome ‘bumpers’, and that tacked-on reversing lamp—also useless—is a bit too
Beetle-y, but I think they did a fine job with the tail lights:

That’s a classic Japanese-type round reflector (this will be less cryptic once I will write about them). At first I thought they’d borrowed the taillights from an export-spec Cadillac…

…and for all the world, it still looks as though they could’ve done. But no, I looked closer:

Mitsuoka-branded lights also bearing a maker’s mark: SYS, a company I hadn’t heard of. They’re a lesser-known but prolific Japanese maker of car lights, as it seems.

All in all, can I dig it? Yes, I can—as long as I mostly see it from angles like this: