Art Class-ic: 1982 Ford Bronco

As a kid, I always drove my art teachers nuts because all I wanted to do was draw cars.

At parent teacher night in Grade 7 my art teacher told my mother “He’s talented, but I’m trying to get him to draw something other than cars!” I remember he once gave us an assignment where we had to use only circles to make a pastel drawing, so I did a birds eye view of an oval race track, with little oval cars going around it. My teacher was visibly exasperated.

Anyway this piece is from my Grade 10 art class, which would have been 1982. I recently found it my basement while looking for something else. The actual assignment was to create a 3-D shape out of construction paper. Most people were doing a cube, or a pyramid but I saw the opportunity to do something different.
I brought materials home and worked on it for a few days, my teacher was warning me because I was fooling around in class and he had seen nothing. So on the due date I showed up with this.

It’s supposed to be a 1st generation Bronco, and I still think I did OK without any references. The 1966-1977 Bronco was a pretty rare vehicle in my area.
The rear windows aren’t even close, but the two box shape came together well. I remember being a bit worried that the body would come out warped but it glued up straight.

Out front there used to be a bumper mounted winch, but that has gone missing in the past 37 years.

Jerry can on the back and generic tail lights.

Underneath we have leaf springs and pencils for axles. I had been concerned that my teacher would balk at my use of pencils, but when I handed it in he was thrilled. He spent the entire period playing with it on his desk, four wheeling over piles of paper.

This is also my academic high water mark, I’ve never had a higher mark on anything, ever.

In University I tried a similar thing, and instead of studying made a body for my remote control car out of beer cans. It looked fantastic, but was noisy and fragile. It did not survive.

I found a couple of other interesting things while looking in the basement, so there will be other posts later. In the meanwhile if anyone has seen my Leatherman tool please let me know where it is in the comments.