Artistic Outtake: A Trip to the Gallery

We had both D children home for Christmas holidays, so decided to take a family trip to our local art gallery.


Our main reason for visiting was to take in an exhibition of Vivian Maier photographs. If you’ve never heard of her she was an eccentric Chicago nanny who took lots of photos but rarely showed them to anyone. Following her death she has become famous for her candid street photography of the 1950’s and 1960’s.


Being street photography, cars (like this 1957 Imperial) pop up regularly in her work.  Because she used a Rolleiflex medium format camera the shots make for stunningly detailed large prints, if you can take in a physical exhibition of her work I heartily recommend it.


We also examined the museum’s permanent collection.  I discussed this sculpture with my daughter:

See this here, where the door is pressed in so you can wrap you hand around the handle.  See how this ridge drops subtly along the door and then dives toward the point at the front?  That’s the real art here, now if we could just clean off all this stuff and take the VW home we could really do something with this.

However I admit that as an engineer and a car guy I have a different perspective on modern art than others. 🙂


Afterwards we went to a good taco joint downtown, a rarity in Canada and a great way to finish up a fun afternoon with the whole D family.