Barnfind Classics – Waiting To Emerge From The Shadows


Several weeks ago I received an intriguing text from a friend that included a picture. Once I figured out what was under the thick layer of dust in the picture, I was very interested in seeing more. He proceeded to send me several more pictures that he had taken the prior day.

My friend had traveled to see a relative of a different friend, who apparently owns a large property upon which a large quantity of interesting cars had been squirreled away . What makes it doubly interesting is that the location is in a part of the United States I would not have thought of as having many of these particular cars to begin with.

Unfortunately at the time they were sent to me the opportunity to take more detailed pictures had passed, perhaps in the future another opportunity will present itself. Doubly frustrating is that my friend is a professional photographer who on this occasion found himself armed with nothing more than an iPhone, so please excuse the sub-par photography.

The lead photo shows three BMW 2002 models, the center one being the more desirable and much rarer Tii version, of which the current owner is the original purchaser. All three look to be in serviceable condition with the red one missing the front grille, at least as far as one can see through the dust. Can anyone identify the motorcycle in between?


There is also a green Isetta that also looks in excellent condition.


And if you didn’t like it in green, perhaps one in red is more appealing. But wait, what is peeking out from under the cover to the left?


Why, it’s a 1957 VW Beetle with just over 30,000 original miles! Simply amazing.


Moving outside, here is an example of a more recent mid-to-late-80’s Saab 900. Even though the badge is missing, I believe it is a Turbo, although running (well, sitting) on steelies at the present time. The hood being slightly ajar makes me think it may be in need of some repair. There are apparently three or four more similar Saabs dotted around the property and while not exactly rare or old, in this part of the country they would be very uncommon. (The truck in front belongs to my friend, the license plate is not of the same state as where these cars are located, in case you were thinking of using that as a clue to locate this stash).

Hopefully one day we can have another opportunity to see more of these cars in greater detail but for now, this will have to do. The owner did ask to have the link to this article sent to him, and I hope he will register on CC, log in and leave some comments regarding the cars.