Body Shop Outtake: Faceless Face-Off

We’ve had lots of “Guess the mystery covered car” posts here before, so let’s see how good are you at guessing cars with their faces removed.

I tried to frame this picture as head-on as I could, as the body shape immediately gives it away. Even then, I still think I’ve shown way too much, and I suspect that the Curbivores here will have no trouble identifying these fine rides.

I’ve driven by these faceless cars many times over the past decade, as evidenced by their deteriorating condition. Primer offers only so much protection against the elements, after all. Clearly, they were about ready to go into the painting booth, until for some reason they weren’t.

Perhaps the more challenging question than identifying these cars is why these partially restored vintage rides have been left to rot in a body shop parking lot for so many years. Surely if the owner ran out of interest or money the cars should have been sold – they are both actually fairly desirable models, but again I’ve said too much.