Car Show Outtake: 1978 Dodge Magnum – Butch Cordoba

09-08-2012 077 (800x482)

Do you consider the Cordoba too frou-frou? Need a little more presence in your B-body? Then check out this ’78 Magnum I spotted at the Geneseo show last year! It was just the thing for folks who couldn’t stand the ’78 Cordoba’s stacked quad headlamps, though the trade-off was what appeared to be silicone injections in the front and rear fenders.

This one was pretty noticeable in red with a black top, white leather buckets and a T-top, but I would have swapped the aftermarket rims for some Magnum 500s and redline tires. Wonder how many of these are left?

09-08-2012 044 (800x533)