Carshow Classic: 2003 Lancia Fulvia Coupe Concept


Seeing Roger’s Lancia Fulvia post reminded me that I had these pictures.  The Fulvia has always been one of my favorite designs (Must own one someday) and I was very pleasantly surprised to see this at the 2003 Franfurt Auto Show a decade ago…



Lancia had a very elegantly styled display that year at the show and this was the centerpiece.  I thought it harkened back to the original very well and was really hoping it would make it into production someday.  Now, a decade on, it seems very unlikely.


Great little rear end on the car.


The car is quite small, just like the original.  Pictures in this kind of setting always seem to have trouble conveying the relative scale.

Fulvia4One last one for the road – I don’t quote recall exactly which curve of the car I was trying to admire.  If only that lady would get out of the way…