Carshow Outtake: 1986 Volvo 240 conversion – An Answer To A Question That Has Yet To Be Raised

Volvo pickup_2

I’ve done two Volvo posts for CC, one of which had to be prefaced with a health warning. So, Volvo fans, please be warned; this may not be what you expect.

I will not tell the story of the Volvo 240 again – you know it already. But there was never a commercial version, other than the expected long wheelbase station wagon and limousine versions. That means this conversion is likely unique – a pick up based on a saloon, using the standard rear window with a third high level brake light, the frame of the third side windows over a clumsy, flat piece of glass behind the doors and a pretty professional finish to the rear wings and rear panel. Other conversions I’ve seen have been based on the estate car.

Volvo pickup_1

This conversion, using the 2.3 litre petrol engine and automatic gearbox, and was done around 14 years ago. The front part of the interior is unchanged, and the rear seats obviously gone, replaced by a carpeted shelf.

Volvo pickup_3

The saloon boot lid profile has been retained, along with the standard rear lights and bumpers. There is no apparent tailgate, and a tight fitting cover the load bay, which is attractively lined in wood.

So, to line up with a Town Car stretch limo with a hot tub, is this perhaps a sort of Swedish sauna?