Carspotting Outtake: Halifax 1972

I recently had reason to go through a bunch of old photos, and ran across a couple of CC worthy shots taken by my father on slide film.

My two adventurous aunts spent the 1970’s living in various far flung locations in Canada, and in 1972 (edit – it was 1971) our family took a train trip to Nova Scotia to visit them there.


This is obviously Halifax train station, my sister and I are standing next to my mother and one of my aunts near the trunk of the red Satellite.  The smattering of British cars is typical of early 1970s Canada.  Some diehards were still driving Austin and Morris products, although that was changing fast as evidenced by the Japanese sedan sneaking into the right side of Dad’s shot.  For you camera enthusiasts Dad used a very sturdy Minolta Hi-Matic 7 rangefinder camera for over 30 years.  Our own Jim Grey reviews one here:

Minolta Hi-Matic 7


Halifax station is still in use, although with more subtle signage.


Here’s the full shot of the lead photo, that’s my sister and I.  We refer to this trip as “The last good time we had before our little brother was born” but we’re only partially joking.  🙂  Bonus points for identifying the breed of my aunt’s dog.  I remember playing with “Yiffee” quite a bit, and I also remember the time she bit me for trying to take her ball away.  I didn’t try that again.

This may have been taken near the Halifax citadel, but the surrounding area has changed a lot in the past 47 years.  No British cars this time, but a similar Japanese sedan, if you had to pick a random Toyota to show up in two photos you wouldn’t pick that one.  I’ll leave it to you folks to identify the vehicles in your comments.


Then finally, we have a non-CC photo.  This is the stuff of legend in our family, we were visiting the Sheet Harbour lighthouses and I was playing on the rocks.  My mother said “Douglas, those rocks are slippery, don’t go down there!”  I didn’t listen, and soon found out that seaweed covered ocean rocks were slipperier than the freshwater rocks I was used to and wound up in the drink.  Dad fished me out, and wrapped me in his jacket, and there we are with the lighthouse in the background.

I am very blessed to have parents who took me on great family trips, and rescued me when I fell.

What cars do you see, and which one would you have used to take your wet 5 year old kid home?