CC Capsule: 1962 Triumph TR4 – What Might Have Been

This one got a smile and a sigh from me..

Yup, it’s an early Triumph TR4.  I had a TR4 once, the story is here but be warned it is long and it is sad:

I’ll guess 1962 on the year, same as mine,  It seems to have the large hood bulge to clear the twin SU carbs, and the bullet glass Lucas signal light lenses.  The bumper guards have been removed, but that would have been another clue.


The standard dash in TR4 was white painted metal, it’s unusual to see one as most have been changed to a wood dash (as was mine).  Those square profile seats are more TR4A like, very early ones like mine had rounded TR3 seats that were less comfortable.  Although I prefer the looks of the original banjo-type steering wheel I would imagine that that smaller diameter aftermarket wheel would assist with getting one’s legs into the deep footwells.


These cars are very simply constructed, as you can see from the frame diagram here.  This allowed Triumph to incrementally and completely revise the TR line as the years progressed:

TR2/TR3 – 1953-1962 – Orginal design based on sedan mechanicals with roadster body.

TR4 – 1961-1965 – New Michelotti designed body on modified TR3 chassis.

TR4A – 1965-1967 – Rear half of the frame redesigned with IRS

TR5/TR250 – 1967-1968 – Six cylinder engine (with fuel injection in the UK)

TR6 – 1968-1976 – Revised body by Karmann

That’s over simplifying it a bit, but you can see how they tried to keep up with the changing sports car market by making updates as they could afford them.


At the back we see that the bumper guards are in place, with a nice tonneau cover over the vestigal rear seat.  The Triumph was parked curbside at the best restaraunt in our historic downtown, a couple I took for the owners were enjoying the patio on this beautiful warm spring afternoon.  How easily this could have been Mrs DougD and myself, if I hadn’t fumbled the purchase and restoration of my own TR4.

Ironically, the very TR4 I formerly owned is currently for sale on Kijiji by the very guy I sold it to ten years ago:

The ad is highly optimistic, both in the description and the pricing.  I did email him indicating I might be interested in purchasing it back for the same price I sold it to him for (about $2,000) but I did not hear back from him.

Actually that’s a relief, since I know how much work that car needs.  After my smile and sigh, I was thinking it’s definately time to pull my 1963 VW out of winter storage.  I could take Mrs DougD out for dinner, and I know just where to go..