CC Capsule: 1968 Chevy C/10 – Glory Days

Back in school she could turn all the boys heads…


Ah, the Project Car™.  The physical embodiment of Man’s Search For Meaning, primarily in the form of the quest for eternal youth.  Gonna get the car I lusted over as a kid, gonna fix it up, gonna ride in style, gonna be 19 again, all the girls gonna look, gonna be great!

Fortune and glory, kid.  Fortune and glory.

This 1968 Chebby C/10 showed up down the street from my house the other night, I walked over this morning and gave it a once over.  It’s a life lesson for us all.  As a great American once said, “A man’s gotta know his limitations.”

Ran when parked


A couple of days ago the remaining criminals, er, uh, renters (the SWAT team removed most of them a few weeks ago) inhabiting this fine mid-century ranch house abode were forcibly evicted amidst much law enforcement puffery, wailing and gnashing of teeth, and roaring away of cars.  As one of many parting consolation gifts for the hapless property owner, they left this carcass of a pickup.


Super tricked out with those Cordoba taillights!


Judging by the dust, spider webs, and dried grasses clinging to the undercarriage, this classic has been moldering in some plinkers yard awaiting a turn on the restoration checklist.  Probably little progress in actually fixing it up happened much past the initial purchase date.



According to the VIN this beauty was made in 1968, had a V-8 as original, and was produced in Fremont, Calif which explains the total lack of rust.  Yes indeed, we once had a thriving automobile manufacturing industry in the Golden State.  Nowadays we crank out lots of stickers on stuff that declare said gizmo was, “Designed in California”, so that’s something.


Real wire wheels and knockoffs, when’s the last time you saw those?


Clearly this truck was once a looker.  All the bits of ancient glory survive, fancy pants wheels and the big Goodrichs, chrome valve covers on the V-8, all black paint, hurst floor shifter, tonneau cover, custom steering wheel.  Probably about 1985 this was a helluva desirable rig.


I was surprised this was still here.


That’s probably a 350 Chevy small block, the official engine of the Project Car™.  Had a few of those back in the day.  Lotsa show, not much go, in spite of that four barrel Rochester carb.  Great for quickly disposing of excess gasoline though, if this lump ever managed more than 10 miles per gallon color me shocked.


What they call in the car biz, “90’s loaded”.


Future owner will need a close relationship with LMC truck parts, seeing as how a few interior bits are missing.  It does come fully equipped though, you got a garden hose, soaker hose, blower, face shield and gas can with one of those newer CARB compliant spouts that don’t actually work.  Notice the floorboards aren’t even rusted, I’m sure our rustbelt readers are having a sad.


The particulars.


Talked a wee bit with La Esposita about hooking a rope to this truck and dragging it home, people do it with stray dogs all the time eh, and our castle is only two doors down.  Bet that I could get title.  Hell it’s mostly done, got the wheels, the engine is there, I bet that it runs.  I’ll source the doors at Pick-A-Part, and a bench, why I could probably have her looking pretty decent with some polish and wax, no stupid clear coat on the paint.  And that 350 will rumble again!  Roll down the window, my gal snuggled close on the seat, wayfarers on, heads turning, out on the open road…I could fix it up, right??


California Dreamin, free to good home. Just needs you to pony up and do a little elbow work.