CC Capsule: 1969 AMC Rebel SST

Rebel 2

I am such a follower.  I had to get in on AMC week, and have a lot of AMC ammo on my hard drive.  What to choose?  I went with the one that wins the “most endangered” award, and that’s this ’69 Rebel.  Although it would be easy to overlook this pre-Machine machine amongst the rest of the crowd at the 2013 Pure Stock Musclecar Drag Race, I couldn’t help being won over by its “what the heck?” factor.

Rebel 1

This ’69 Rebel sports a gleaming coat of Willow Green Metallic, and I love almost any color in the green family, so that’s a plus.  It wears “SST” badges, but seems to be missing the chrome ornaments ahead of the rear wheel openings, so maybe the owner didn’t like them.  Or maybe s/he “faked” an SST.  It doesn’t really matter as far as rarity is concerned: in 1969, AMC sold 5,396 regular Rebel hardtops, and 5,405 SST Rebel hardtops.  Most late-60s intermediates look more dashing with a set of Magnum 500-style wheels mounted to their hubs, and the Rebel is no exception.

Near the edge of the rear quarter panels, tiny callouts suggest that there’s a 290 under the hood, and my materials suggest that the 290 was the 225-hp four-barrel version that also saw standard duty under the hood of the AMX.  Therefore, although I photographed this very nice version at Stanton Dragway in Stanton, MI, it’s more of a peppy cruiser than a drag car.

1969 AMC Full Line-30-31

The 1969 AMC full line brochure shows a more “out on the town” oriented SST with the chrome ornaments on the rear quarters.  Unlike my featured version, this car rolls on whitewalls with true blue, honest, simulated wire wheels.  Finally, the vinyl top adds a touch of class.  As for me, I’ll take the boss-looking green one.  You just never see ’69 Rebels, and this one is such a great example.