CC Capsule: 1974 Triumph TR6 – Pray For Clouds In Punxsutawney

This whiplash winter we’re having is getting to me.

One day it’ll be 63° and sunny, and that night it’ll be 17° with windchill down to -439° (or thereabouts.)  One day it’ll be so cold I’d seriously consider lighting the leather in my Lincoln on fire to warm it up before I sit down, and the next, I find myself wanting…a convertible.

What kind of convertible?  This kind.  Would you just look at this thing?

This is a nice car.  I’d say judging by the exterior quality, the mechanical bits are every bit as perfect, perhaps more so.  You know, it’s supposed to be 63° here tomorrow, and this car looks ever so inviting…

Don’t you want to just hop right in and go for a ride?  You’d pick up your best motoring companion, gas up at the nearest filling station (with 93 octane just because you can) and blast off for parts unknown.  Look at that seat bolstering, that dash with full instrumentation, the shift lever just where it belongs, and wood made of wood.  Let’s GO!

Speaking of go, the TR6 sports a carbureted inline-6 cylinder engine producing 104 bhp in US-spec trim.  This output was lower than TR6 mills sold in other parts of the world, which received fuel injection.  I’d imagine an American TR6 owner would be awfully tempted to tweak his back towards the 150 bhp that home-market models received.  On the other hand, if that owner is not in a hurry, a 2.5 liter I-6 making only 104 horses would probably last a long, long time.

Next week, my 63° day will be just a memory, and for all I know, it’ll be back to proper winter weather again.  But Thursday is Groundhog Day, and that lazy little varmint had better do whatever needs done to get the real Spring to show up as soon as possible.  And I need a convertible.

(Thanks to Walter Sobchak, Esq. for the great photos from the Cohort. They really tied the story together.)