CC Capsule: 1975 Westfalia Camper Van, Dreams of the Young


My daughter ErinD had her eye on this VW Westfalia camper van…


I think it all started last summer, when we went to see the Silver Streak (CC here if you missed it) that well traveled 1926 Model T Ford. Erin looked at all the photos of young ladies on epic road trips and a seed was planted in her mind.

I’ve known about that particular van for a few years, it belongs to the next door neighbor of some friends of ours and it’s been sitting in their driveway unused for some time. I noticed its disappearance, then saw it later in front of a repair shop in town.


Nothing seemed to be happening for several months, so when my daughter said “What I really need is a VW camper van” like a good father I could say “Well, I know where one is, you should go check it out.

We went over on a Sunday morning for a looksee and she was smitten. I could see that although the van has good bones it’s still a pretty big project.  I’m guessing it’s a 1975 year model, originally from British Columbia, so although it does have quite a bit of rust it’s nowhere near the rot that an Ontario VW would have.


The Westfalia interior is well worn but all there.


One item that I am not smitten with is the automatic gearbox which makes the slowest vehicle on the road even slower.  Erin figured she could take 3 or 4 friends with her and go camping, or even road trip it out to California for a surfing expedition.

My own thoughts were more along the lines of how many hours it would take to replace the rear quarter panels.


I had theorized that perhaps the lack of action on this project was due to a budget busting repair estimate. Having mostly restored our 1963 VW Beetle myself I well know how costs escalate when you are paying someone else to do the work.

Erin asked our friends to inquire about the status of the bus, and it turns out that the lady owner bought it as a young woman herself.  It has been off the road for ten years, and she is having it fixed up so she can enjoy adventures with it once more.  Work is scheduled to start shortly.


So this Curbside Classic is still very much someone’s dream, and that dream is not for sale.  I told my daughter that this part is arguably the most fun anyway, the idea and the dreaming.  It’s inarguably the least expensive part 🙂 so we will keep an eye on this project and maybe ask for a ride once it’s running.

ErinD is only 15, she has lots of time for more CC scheming and dreaming…