CC Capsule: 1992 Ford EB II Fairmont – The Grass Is Always Greener

I knew there was a reason I was drawn to this car.

While browsing the Cohort for ideas, invigoration, and inspiration, I bumped in to this evening’s Aussie Ford, photographed in New Zealand by CC regular Bryce.  Going only by its basic shape and lines (because I know zilch about cars made in the other hemisphere) I figured this car was a Mondeo-sized (or -based) front-driver.

The clean lines and well-trimmed exterior reminded me a bit of the American Ford Escorts from the same early 1990s era, but this Fairmont is obviously larger and better-equipped.  Still, I figured there wasn’t much special about it.   But then I Googled.

What I discovered was that the Fairmont is a luxury trim level of their Ford Falcon, and Falcons drive the correct pair of wheels, unlike a Mondeo.  You could furthermore choose from a couple of different largish inline sixes, or a 5.0 liter V8.

Say what you will about a 4.0 liter six or a 5.0 Windsor not being all that hot, but remember that this was 1992.  Now rifle through your memory banks for a moment and see what you come up with for 1992 cars sold in the American market with 4 doors, rear drive, and an available V8 and manual transmission.

Did you come up with anything good?  Not really?  I thought so.

Sure, you could compare the Taurus SHO, or perhaps a Maxima, but I know which car I’d choose.  Or, I know which car I’ll say I’d choose, but who really knows what would happen once I’m in buying mode?

GM brought us the lovely Pontiac GTOs and G8s, which were just a badge-engineered Holden V8s that every gearhead said they’d buy if only GM were smart enough to sell them here.

So, does a snorty V8, rear-drive coupe or sedan for reasonable money sound good?  If so, run right down to your local Pontiac dealer and get one if you can!  People are probably on wait lists a mile long for cars like this!