CC Capsule: 1993 Buick Century – Farewell to a Loyal Friend


Parting can be such sweet sorrow.  While it’s the closure of an era, it also signifies the beginning of a new chapter, where possibilities abound.  Having sold my loyal and faithful 1993 Buick Century, we have each entered a new era of life.


This terrific Buick was purchased as a six- to twelve-month proposition in January 2012.  Acquired with all of 41,427 miles, she was obviously the pride and joy of the only prior owner.  All maintenance records as well as the original window sticker were in the glove box and his love for it almost sprang off the page and sheet metal.  How so?  With oil changes every 400 to 1,000 miles, a thick coat of wax over the entire surface, even the wiper arms, and lint on the seats from the sacrificial towels told me a lot about the treatment she received..

Yet like most people, it wasn’t perfect.  It still had two original tires and that fender bender in 2006 had yielded a new title with the unfortunate word “salvage” printed on it.


That certainly explains the white showing itself around the hood ornament.

Despite a few mild blemishes, this Buick was quite the visual attraction.  Older gentlemen in the grocery store parking lot would ask me about her; one had a ’93 wagon with over 300,000 miles.  His wagon had the same 3.3 liter V6 and three-speed automatic found in my Buick.  While such a combination might seem detrimental to fuel economy, I hit 28 mpg on a trip to Chicago and 27 on a trip to Iowa City.


Life happens and the need for something different expressed itself.  Placing the Buick for sale at 11:00 am on a Sunday prompted a flurry of activity; there were nine inquiries in the seven hours it was for sale plus three more in the hours after the sale.  People were lined up to buy it.  This was a new experience for me, and I didn’t have to budge from my asking price.  Was this from craigslist?  No; I had sent a single email to the local homeschool group.


The buyer was an eighteen year old male.  When he pulled up to look at it, he was driving a very sad Nissan Sentra with a lot of rattles coming from the engine.  He stated this Century was beyond his wildest dreams; his excitement was infectious.

So now he is happy and I am happy.  While we are past the sunset of our relationship, a new chapter for each of us began that day.  So long, old friend; I hope to see you around.