CC Capsule: Prius Ute – Won’t Pollute!

I see it’s suddenly Mini-Ute day here at the Curbside, so here’s one I spotted this fall, the Prius Tote.

This 2nd-gen (2004-2009) Toyota Prius has had a major hatchectomy. Its builder offers the same service to you!

A local TV station covered his endeavor. “Mark DeSomer got the idea for the Prius Tote after noticing business trucks hauling little or nothing. So, he put a truck bed in what used to be the back seat of his Toyota Prius. He saves $175 a month on gas compared to his old pickup.”

Check out his website for more and better pictures. I wonder if the tailgate works. That would be quite a trick!

When will Toyota or Ford build a small hybrid pickup? This conversion is very nicely done, but a purpose-built pickup could make better use of space. Maybe a diesel is a better choice for a truck, even a small one? Of course the pure-electric pickup is definitely coming. Ideal for local hauling. All that electric torque.