CC DIY: Peugeot Fest 404 Wagon Cutout Model


(Note: the rest of Peugeot Fest will be chronological, so the 404 is still a bit ways off. And we’ve got lots of 404 material. But we’ll make an exception for this one to help us kick of the festivities. PN)

To celebrate Peugeot Fest, Curbside Classic would like every reader to have their own Peugeot 404 wagon. Y’all who know Paul’s automotive passions also know this model is pretty much the CC mascot (along with Jason’s 63 Galaxie – sorry no cutout on that one), so here’s your chance to add some French flair to your garage, study or mantlepiece.


And for those of you from *the other sites*, you too can have a Peugeot 404 wagon in your own livery. Just add your own livery.

Click on the pics to get them as large as I could make them. It’s about 37 cm x 26 cm at 72 dpi, but you should be able to make it fit your printer paper.