CC Outtake: 1965 Lincoln Continental – There’s No Need To Rent A Limo For Your Wedding When You Own “The Last Great American Luxury Car”

CC 295 167 1200

It’s always a treat to see one of my previously-shot CCs again, especially so at such a happy occasion and playing a key role. Our nightly routine on these long and warm summer evenings is to head out to Pisgah Arboretum/Buford County Park after dinner, walk through wild meadows and along the river a couple of miles to our (semi) secret swimming hole, where we cool off. Near the entrance of the park, there is a pavilion that gets used quite a bit this time of year for weddings. And the other night, one of my favorite CCs ever showed up, which given that it’s the groom’s car, makes lots of sense. So this bride is not only marrying a husband, but a 1965 Continental, the car I called “The Last Great American Luxury Car”.

CC 295 169 1200

The Continental looks right at home here; while few things are more beautiful than nature, man’s best handiwork come quite close.

CC 295 165 1200

This was shot around 9PM; this time of year we have light until about 10PM, as the sun sets at an angle to the north-west.

CC 295 162 1200

Unfortunately, the light behind the car is not helpful for shooting.

CC 295 170 1200

The bride heads back to the wedding party, after confirming to us that it really is her new husband’s car.

CC 182 042 1200

Here’s where it normally resides, in front of this sweet cottage in Springfield.

CC 295 072 1200

We shot the Conti on the way out, after our hike and swim in the Coast Fork of the Willamette.

CC 295 073 1200

There’s a great swimming hole here. I’ll spare you the full frontal shots of me that Stephanie took. Yes; I skinny dip.

CC 295 078 1200

Lil’ Man likes to wade, but I can’t convince him to come into the deep area and swim. There’s some little rapids just upstream, where that line of rocks across the river is. That makes a sweet aural backdrop to our nightly nature immersion. A summer day just isn’t complete without a good hike and swim.


Here’s my CC on the 1965 Continental: The Last Great American Luxury Car