CC For Sale: Ultimate Packardbaker–Really!

Studebaker or Packard?


Found this 1957 “Studebaker Clipper” on Craigslist, located in Westminster, MD.  First I thought it was a ’57 Studebaker wagon, but then I looked at the back . . .


The 1957-58 Packards are snidely called “Packardbakers” by critics, because S-P used a Studebaker body shell and drivetrain with Packard-style trim to create these models when Packard’s Detroit factory was closed.  I myself am not so critical of these cars–the final Packards have their own unique style and features which set them apart from the regular low-priced Studebakers.

To me, these cars look brighter and classier than any of the regular Studebaker models, with distinctive Packard personality in the front end styling.  Author Richard Langworth called the 1957-58 Packards “America’s First Replicars”.


Clipper tail lights, “Packard Clipper” script, extra chrome–definitely a ’57 Packard!


This is how they were marketed when new . . . to the “Horsey Set” at the Hunt Club.


But that’s a ’57 Studebaker Commander front end.  Apparently someone put a Studebaker front clip on a Packard Clipper wagon body.  Could this be the only such hybrid in existence?


Packard-style dashboard with gold-accented Packard gauges. The dash vinyl on these tended to warp badly with age.


What it looked like when new.


Exclusive trim capped the modest fins.



High-grade seat upholstery looks somewhat intact.


Country Sedan (station wagon) interior shown in Lilac.


Engine is disassembled, missing some pieces. Is there a supercharger still there? Highly doubtful–especially if this is the Studebaker-spec engine which didn’t come with one.



So if you’re looking for a car that can rightfully be called a Packardbaker, I think I’ve found it!